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Hawaiian Words & Phrases For Gift Orders

We provide a complementary gift card for all Island Gift Shop gift orders where you can provide a brief gift message of up to 25 words. These Hawaiian Words and Phrases are ideal for expressing your Aloha when giving gifts from Hawaii for Valentines Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, Promotions, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Holidays! If you choose to use Hawaiian phrases be sure to also provide the English translation so the phrase and your sentiment can be understood.


Please note: In the Hawaiian language a symbol directly over a vowel called a kahakô indicates that the vowel sound is to be elongated. A apostrophe like symbol called an `okina indicates a quick pause in the word, as in "ah-ah" for the word a`a. Note: These Hawaiian vocabulary words have not been written with the use of the correct kahakô markings due to the absence of a Hawaiian Font.


Popular Hawaiian Phrases for Gifts

A gift for you ~ He makana nau
All my love ~ Aloha Nui Loa
Beloved ~ Ke Aloha
Come visit again ~ Kipa hou mai
Get Well ~ E Ola
Good Luck ~ Pomaika`i
Farewell to you ~ Aloha `oe
From the ___ Family ~ Mai ka 'ohana ___

I Love You ~ Aloha Au Ia 'Oe
I Truly Love You ~ Aloha No Au Ia 'Oe
 Just for you ~ Nau wale no
 Thank you ~ Mahalo
Thank you for your hospitality ~ Mahalo no kou ho`okipa

Thank you very much ~ Mahalo nui loa
To my love ~ Ia Iho Ke Aloha
To the ____ Family ~ E ka `ohana __
Until we meet again ~ A hui hou kakou
Warm love, affection ~ Aloha Pumehana
With love ~ Me Ke Aloha
With the warmth of my love ~ Me Ke Aloha Pumehana

Special Occasion Greetings in Hawaiian
Congratulations ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana
Congratulations Graduate ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana Ho’opuka
Congratulations on the birth of your daughter ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana Ma Ka Hiki 'Ana Mai O Kau Kaikamahine
Congratulations on the birth of your son ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana Ma Ka Hiki 'Ana Mai O Kau Keiki Kane
Congratulations on your graduation  ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana Ma Kou Puka Kula 'ana
Congratulations on your new house  ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana Ma Kou Hale Hou

Congratulations on your new business  ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana Ma Kou `Oihana Hou

Congratulations on your retirement  ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana Ma Kou Likaia
Congratulations on your anniversary  ~ Ho'omaika'i 'Ana Ma Kou Ho'omana'o
Happy Anniversary ~ Hau`oli la Ho'omana'o
Happy Assistants Day ~ Hau`oli La Kakau ‘Olelo
Happy Birthday ~ Hau`oli la Hanau
Happy Bosses Day ~ Hau`oli La Luna
Happy Easter ~ Hau`oli Pakoa
Happy Father’s Day ~ Hau`oli La Makuakane
Happy Graduation ~ Hau`oli Ho’opuka
Happy Hanukkah ~ Hau’oli Hanukaha
Happy Hanukkah and New Year ~ Hau'oli Hanukaha me ka  Makahiki Hou
Happy Holidays ~ Hau’oli Lanui
Happy Kwanzaa ~ Hau’oli Kawanaka
Happy Mother’s Day ~ Hau`oli La Makuahine
Happy New Year ~ Hau’oli Makahiki Hou
Happy Retirement ~ Hau`oli la Ho’omaha loa
Happy Sweet 16 ~ Hau`oli Momona 'Umi Kumaono

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i
Merry Christmas ~ Mele Kalikimaka
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~ Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

People Titles in Hawaiian
aunt ~ `anake
baby ~ pepe
beloved friend ~ hoaloha
bride ~ wahine male hou 
child, offspring ~ keiki
children ~ kamali`i
classmate ~ hoa kula
clergyman ~ kahuna pule
close friend ~ hoapili
cousin ~ hoahanau
daughter ~ kaikamahine

Doctor ~ kauka
family ~ ohana
father ~ makua kane
grandchild ~ mo`opuna
grandfather ~ kupunakane or tutu kane
grandmother ~ kupunawahine or tutu wahine
groom ~ kahu lio

Husband ~ kane male
leader ~ alaka’i
mother ~ makuahine

Nurse ~ kahu ma’i
priest, skilled person, expert in a field ~ kahuna
sister ~ kaikuahine
soldier ~ koa
son ~ keikikane 
sweetheart ~ ku`uipo

teacher ~ kumu a’o
uncle ~ `anakala
wife ~ wahine male


You can enjoy a fun authentic Hawaiian luau with your friends and family anywhere, anytime. The atmosphere at a luau is "Hang Loose". Luaus are a fun way to enjoy quality family time and are especially held for occasions like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, bridal & baby showers, rehearsal dinners, weddings, and corporate parties. Luaus are ideal if you are planning a party with many people meeting for the first time. Your guests are more relaxed right from the start. We offer a wealth of free information to assist you in hosting a Hawaii theme party or Hawaiian theme wedding anytime, anywhere...



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