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Most Popular Island Gift Shop Items

Since 1999 we have been assisting people from all 50 states in the USA in enjoying and sharing treasures from the Hawaiian Islands. On this page we feature the most popular treats and treasures from Hawaii ordered from our Island Gift Shop. We offer hundreds of different items from Hawaii in this online Island Gift Shop. Our main category directory is on the left side of every page and there is a search engine at the top left side of every page to assist in finding something specific quickly. When you see something that interests you click on the photo for more information about that item.

There are a few pages of Most Popular Items but if you would like to view all of the most popular island treats and treasures at once on one page choose the 60 per page viewing option below.
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Silk White with Yellow Center Plumeria Wrist/Ankle Lei from Hawaii
Silk White with Yellow Center Plumeria Wrist/Ankle Lei
Price $13.00 including shipping

Silk white with yellow center plumeria mini lei.
This mini lei matches the silk plumeria neck and head leis. It is strung on elastic so it can be worn on your wrist, ankle, or you can also use it to tie up your hair in a pony tail.

Real Tiger Shark Tooth Necklaces
Real TIGER Shark Tooth Necklace
Price $16.00 for 1 including shipping, bulk discount available on more than one

This handsome REAL Tiger shark tooth necklace is believed by some to protect the wearer and bring good luck!
Having a luau party? This makes a great party gift or game prize for attendees!!!
Bulk discount available!

Pineapple Hard Candy
Pineapple Hard Candy
Price $16.00 price includes shipping for 1, discount available on more than one

Mouth watering Pineapple Hard Candy that tastes like you are eating a fresh pineapple!
Bulk discount available!
Plumeria Earrings from Hawaii
Plumeria Earrings
Price $16.00 including shipping for 1, discount available on more than one

Beautiful plumeria earrings to add an touch of Hawaii to any wahine's (lady's) outfit!
Handmade and available in two sizes to beautifully decorate a young lady to a womans ear lobes. If you are having a Hawaii theme wedding or party these make great attendant gifts or prizes for games.
Bulk discount available!
Lucky Ti Log Cuttings from Hawaii
Ti Log Cuttings for Good Luck
Price $16.00 including shipping for 1, bulk discount available on more than one

Cuttings to grow lucky ti plants indoors or outside!
In the Hawaiian Islands it is traditional to have ti growing outside or in your home to bring good luck and protect the home from evil spirits! Fresh leis and skirts are made from the leaves of the ti plant and they are also used in cooking as well. Two ti plant cuttings are included in each package.
Bulk discount available!
Tropical wood bowls from Hawaii
Tropical Wood Bowls
Price $16.00

Tropical Wood Serving Bowls
Ideal for weddings, luaus, receptions, celebrations, or for table centerpieces. Fill with macadamia nuts, pineapple hard candy, or chocolate covered macadamia nuts!
Bulk discounts available.
Kukui Nut Neck Lei from Hawaii
Kukui Nut Neck Lei
Price $20.00 including shipping.

Real kukui nut leis made from the nuts of Hawaii's state tree
In Ancient Hawaiian times kukui nut leis were reserved only for for Royalty and Alii (high chiefs). Today kukui nut leis are worn by men and women and they are not reserved just for special occasions. Available in black or brown.

Be sure to order enough, these tasty treats tend to disappear very quickly once the box is opened!
Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts
Price for two box set $25.00 including shipping, discount available on multiple sets

This is the most requested macadamia nut treat in our Island Gift Shop!
The delicious roasted macadamia nuts generously coated in milk chocolate are a very popular island treat. Great as a tasty treat for yourself or a scrumptious gift. Available with or without a deluxe lifelike silk lei.
Bulk discount available!

Hawaiian Powdered Poi
Hawaiian Powdered Poi
Price $25.00 including shipping for 1, discount available on more than one

Are you Poi curious?
Ever wanted to try the popular Polynesian purple side dish that is served at a luau? All you do is just add water for authentic Hawaiian poi. It is actually very healthy for you!

Hawaiian Kissing Couple Cake Topper/S&P Shakers
Hawaiian Kissing Couple Cake Topper/S&P Shakers
Price $26.00 including shipping

Adorable Hawaiian Kissing Couple Cake Topper/S&P Shakers!!
Ideal for wedding cakes or party cakes or for table centerpieces. They then can then be kept as a keepsake from your special event or used everyday as salt and pepper shakers!
Bulk discounts available.