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Aloha, Welcome to the Island Gift Shop of A Friend in the Islands in Hawaii!
We offer a wide selection of lifelike silk leis, tasty island treats and fun island treasures to share your Aloha or easily host a Hawaii theme celebration anywhere. We have been assisting people ll over the USA in enjoying and sharing treats and treasures from Hawaii since 1999. Everything is shipped directly from the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands to destinations within the USA!

It is easy to host a Hawaii theme party, wedding or luau!!!
In this online Island Gift Shop we offer lifelike silk leis, festive Hawaii theme decorations and tasty island treats available for shipping anywhere in the USA so you can add authentic touches of Hawaii to your celebration!
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Hawaiian Powdered Poi Pineapple Hard Candy Circle of Flowers Wedding Set with Silk Lifelike Plumeria from Hawaii
Hawaiian Powdered Poi
Price $25.00 including shipping for 1, discount available on more than one
Pineapple Hard Candy
Price $16.00 price includes shipping for 1, discount available on more than one
Are you Poi curious?
Ever wanted to try the popular Polynesian purple side dish that is served at a luau? All you do is just add water for authentic Hawaiian poi. It is actually very healthy for you!

Mouth watering Pineapple Hard Candy that tastes like you are eating a fresh pineapple!

Wedding Circle of Flowers Decorating Set
A beautiful tradition in Hawaii is for a wedding couple to have a circle of flowers at their ceremony to be married in. The circle of flowers symbolizes the couples eternal love and commitment to one another. This set creates a beautiful circle of flowers easily anywhere using silk lifelike plumeria garlands and loose blooms.

Dovetail Shell with Cowry Shell Leis from Hawaii These are great to give as gifts or put out as snacks at a party or while watching a movie! Lifelike Silk Plumeria Loose Blooms from Hawaii
Dovetail Shell with Cowry Shell Leis
Price $9.00 for 1 including shipping. Bulk discounts available.
Macadamia Nuts 11 ounce Bag
Price $36.00 including shipping for 1, discount available on more than one
Neck lei made from real dovetail shells and cowry shells
This lei is a beautiful and also inexpensive. It is a great way to add a nice touch of Aloha to your Luau or Hawaii theme wedding by greeting all party attendees with a keepsake shell lei!

Bag of delicious roasted Hawaiian macadamia nuts
Lightly seasoned with sea salt, Maui onion and garlic, or honey roasted. These are great for parties or just to snack on!

Silk loose white with yellow center plumeria blooms for decorating
These lifelike silk plumeria blooms are ideal for weddings and luaus to decorate tables, having flower girls drop at weddings, decorating cakes, on alters, on napkin rings, cake boxes, in grass areas outdoors, use in craft projects, etc!

Be sure to order enough, these tasty treats tend to disappear very quickly once the box is opened! Silk Wedding Maile and White Ginger Lei Set from Hawaii Real Tiger Shark Tooth Necklaces
Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts
Price for two box set $25.00 including shipping, discount available on multiple sets
Silk Wedding Maile and White Ginger Lei Set
Price $58.00 including shipping
Real TIGER Shark Tooth Necklace
Price $16.00 for 1 including shipping, bulk discount available on more than one
This is the most requested macadamia nut treat in our Island Gift Shop!
The delicious roasted macadamia nuts generously coated in milk chocolate are a very popular island treat. Great as a tasty treat for yourself or a scrumptious gift.

Silk Hawaiian wedding leis set
This silk wedding leis set is the most popular and includes a fancy deluxe silk white shell ginger lei for the bride and a handsome silk maile lei for the groom.

This handsome REAL Tiger shark tooth necklace is believed by some to protect the wearer and bring good luck!
Having a luau party? This makes a great party gift or game prize for attendees!!!

Featured Item

Dashboard Hula Wiggler

Price $29.00
Dashboard Hula Wiggler
Adorable Dashboard Hula Wiggler for the car or use for centerpieces at your luau or Hawaiian theme wedding!
This handsome guy is playing the ukulele and is available with a natural or green hula skirt.

Island Favorites

White Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts set of 2
Price $43.00 including shipping for a set of 2, bulk discount available on more than one set
Silk Orchid Head Lei
Price $25.00 including shipping
Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts
Price $45.00 including shipping for 1 set of two, discount available on more than one set of two
Silk Kahili Ginger Head Lei
Price $25.00 including shipping
Kukui Nut Neck Lei
Price $20.00 including shipping.

Hot Sellers

Lifelike Plumeria 10-Foot Garland
Price $87.00 including shipping
Plumeria Earrings
Price $16.00 including shipping for 1, discount available on more than one
Silk Fancy Puakenikeni Neck Lei
Price $32.00 including shipping.
Silk Wedding Maile Pikake and Pikake Leis Set
Price $58.00 including shipping
Silk Wedding Maile and Deluxe BougainvilleaLei Set
Price $58.00 including shipping